Monday, 27 October 2014

Completing my Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award - yay

Excuse the lack of fashion sense in these pictures - we were living a frugal life for a good four days (lol).

For those of you who may not know, the Duke of Edinburgh's award (DofE) is a programme for young people (like myself) aged 14-24 to take part in activities which lead to self development and just kind of get you off your couch and outside learning skills which will help you in life as a sort of memorable adventure as I'd like to say. I don't think I've really gripped the whole 'essence' of the programme in that little paragraph so I'll link their website here so you guys can check it out.

So earlier in the year I decided to take part in the award and thinking back I remember how much effort went into it - and I think that is exactly the point of the whole award. There's four sections to the award - volunteering, skills, physical and the expedition. I volunteered at a local primary school's after school club and it was amazing to be surrounded by the cutest children who were so enthusiastic about everything and it was such an 'aw' experience. I did indoor rowing for my physical section and learnt and achieved a GCSE in French as part of my skills - woohoo

The expedition in Wales involved camping for a few days and treks with a ton of weight on my back from carrying sleeping bags, tents, food, camper stoves you name it. It was an amazing experience and I really got to know people in my year group who I might not have spoken to otherwise. Being away from the whole urban lifestyle was refreshing and looking back on it I'm really glad I decided to go for it. I think the whole point of the award is to get you out there and have a great feeling of self accomplishment and you also get to discover more about yourself through your strengths and lack of materialistic things while completing the expedition.

Today I got an e-mail that I have successfully completed my award and it felt so good to see that I actually completed it - I know, I know, so much self belief.


Well done and congratulations – you’ve achieved your Bronze Award!

Dear Asiya,
Well done and congratulations – you’ve achieved your Bronze Award!
Soon you will receive your certificate and badge. Don’t forget to ask your Leader where and when your Award presentation ceremony will take place.
You can now create your Achievement Pack so why not make a start today? It’s so simple, just sign into your eDofE account and click the new Achievement Pack button where you can immediately start to create your own personal memories of your DofE experience.
Please remember that your images will only be stored by the Achievement Pack system for 90 days but you will receive a reminder before that time.
So now you’ve achieved your Bronze Award, what’s the next challenge? Ask your DofE Leader / Co-ordinator about your options and details of how to move on to Silver. Good luck!
Good luck and congratulations!
From everyone at the DofE

I am really looking forward to the ceremony and creating my little book of memories. I feel warm inside and am super glad that I decided to push myself that academic year despite the two early GCSE's I was completing. I'm sorry if this post got really really wordy but I just had to put it out there. I hope from this post some of you guys can be encouraged to try new things because you won't regret it, unless it's something ridiculous like 'ooh I want to see what shower gel tastes like, that's something new to try.' - okay so I don't know where that example came from but let's just leave it at that.

Asiyalulu xx

Update: 20/04/15 I embarrass myself in blog posts sometimes

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