Monday, 6 October 2014

LUSH - Think Pink bath bomb

Think Pink water and teeny hearts...

This has never jumped out at me from LUSH's extensive collection of bath ballistics so having never tried it before I couldn't help but have a little burst of excitement when I saw the little hearts flutter out of the bomb. I got this for my birthday but only just tried it out not long ago (not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week blah blah and the rest of it)
 Although it doesn't have any particular skin benefits in terms of ingredients, it is absolutely hella fun to use.
 It fills your bathroom with a gorgeous fruity/floral smelling fog but only for a few minutes *sob*. The hearts just made my day (I know, my life is clearly full of excitement.) and sorry if I ruined what should've been your surprise when using it. for the first time
Your water will be left pink (surprise surprise) At £2.65 each I think it's one of LUSH's cheapest bombs and it makes a cutesy gift too. I'll be posting a lot more LUSH products so I hope you guys are fans of LUSH.
Love always,
Asiyalulu x

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