Saturday, 8 November 2014

LUSH birthday series 2 - Tisty Tosty (bath bomb)

Love is in the air...I think.
RRP £3.35

I'm back with another bath bomb. This is LUSH's Tisty Tosty bath bomb from my Rosie gift box. I kind of ruined it before even using it as you can see above (oops.) poor thing got all crushed - but in my defence it is actually quite a powdery bomb. As expected this smells very rosy OUT of the bath, but when you put it in it has a less harsh scent which I actually really liked, it was more bordering florally citrusy. In short - it was relaxing. The small rosebuds floating on the top of the water were a super lovely touch. If you enjoy the 'boom whiz pow colour' kind of Lush bomb then I wouldn't recommend you buy this because it doesn't fill your bath with 101 colours. If you love all things rosy and relaxing, then this is definitely for you.

I will be putting the rest of my Rosie bathy bits into one whole blog post so look out for that. I will be doing other different posts as well, so look out for those too. If you guys have any suggestions please do let me know, I would me MORE than happy (haha desperate much? *nervous laugh*)
Love always,
Asiyalulu xx


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