Friday, 24 July 2015

Leavers' Tea - the prom we never had

[I understand I haven't blogged in literal months and I apologise but the first one or two months I was away my exams were on so that was definitely a time where I could not blog and then I had been fasting the past month (should've done a Ramadan faves) so again sorry sorry sorry. If you would like to see anything specific from my blog please do let me know I would be more than happy to do requested posts.]
Okay, so I go - CORRECTION: went - to an all-girls secondary school (oh the joy) and so prom was always out of the question for us. What's the next best thing? Leavers' Tea obviously. And so on the eighth of May (a week before exams might I add!) was my year group's Leaver's Tea, yay. I don't know why I'm making it out to have been really bad because it was actually a really nice day (yes really).

The day began with speeches from staff and students alike which honestly brought tears to my eyes (the memories :) ). In year seven our head of year gave us the task of basically putting together a 'timb bomb' where we'd write our likes, dislikes, friends and experiences at the time. Five years on we got them back and it was really funny if slightly cringey think to look back on. Oh and we also ate a ton because hello? the buffet was calling.

Then we all got on coaches and this is when it gets real fun because we were heading to central (London) for a boat party woohoo! *insert confetti cone and dancing Latina emojies*. It was slightly drizzling with rain but whatever right? The boat went up/down the Thames and it was so fun having everyone together for once enjoying themselves. It was much better than anyone had anticipated, none of us really have high hopes when it comes to anything organised by our school but it was pretty amazing and the credit goes to our head of year who did a brill job of organising the day.

I think the only downside was that it was LITERALLY a week before exams so stress levels were naturally high due to "Oh my God I haven't gotten my dress!" and "I need to revise our exams are IN A WEEK!"

I'll insert some pictures below so you guys can have a glimpse of the day. Also I would love to know how your prom/s or equivalencies went or if they haven't happened yet how are the preps going? Do comment below :)

Asiya xx
I wasn't meant to be looking down :'(

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