Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Southend - Beachy outing

After seeing my friend Charlotte do a blog post on a recent outing of ours to Southend-on-sea, I really wanted to do one of my own although I had planned originally not to.
Like hers, this post will be a collection of pictures we took - and might I add we tried to capture super pretty pictures (did someone scream AESTHETIC?)

For those of you that don't know Southend-on-Sea is a seaside town not far off from London. Now by no means is it the best beachy place to go in Britain but for a quickly planned day out we couldn't complain.

The day before we went I picked up a bubble wand from Asda with visions of beautiful Instagram worthy pictures in mind, and I think I got just that.

                                Check out Charlotte's blog if you haven't already

Such clear waters

This wand was a good investment

The unintentional sassy pose

I know 99% of these pictures are at the same spot (Pier) but let's be real this was the only spot that was going to reap good pictures. We look totally by ourselves but little did you know there was a bunch of people all around us - watching might I add.
...Oh and photo credits to my flip flop (which held my phone upright on a bench) and the timer function on Iphones are a godsend aren't they?
Comment below what's going on in your Summer, if it's Netflix I won't judge promise.

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